Episode 46 – Hello, from the past! In this very special episode we offer a glimpse of what a realistic “Space Oddity” would sound like, Jake explains why he would suck at pitching movies to studio executives, and Kevin plays the Dalai Lama as the host of a “Love Line”- esque radio call-in show, perhaps his greatest role to date. See ya!

Episode 45 – Hey, Listeners! We hope this synopsis finds you well. This week the Futurenauts learn about an ancient curse that was inflicted on Jake for accepting a book. He’ll be fine. We’re joined by our friend Eric James who explains to us the numerous pro’s and con’s of the Batman franchise.Our sketches in this episode are Uber-themed: what if Mr. Orange from “Resevoir Dogs” had picked up an Uber after being shot, Jake gets tipped an enchanted, wish-granting monkey paw, and our old friends the Pisspatinkins need a lift. Enjoy everybody!

Episode 44 – Yo, everybody! How’s it hangin’? Ours are fine, thanks. In this very emotional episode, we say goodbye to the bass singer from “The Four Seasons”, Tony Pisspatinkin. God speed, Tone. On a happier note, we get to meet up and coming rap phenoms Longfellow and Wadsworth who totally aren’t the worst rappers of all time. Promise. Lot’s of funny stuff in this one. Double promise!

Episode 43 – Hey, futurenuts! How are you? We’re good,too, thanks. Join Kevin and what’s left of Jake as they delve into all sorts of delectable topics such as: Asian waiters, African democracy, and Mexican dental care. The futurenauts field a call from irate listeners, the Pisspatinkins and we discover “ancient Egyptian Seinfeld”. Enjoy!

Episode 42 – Join the Futurenauts as they try to solve the problems of the world through wry observations and snide comments. This week’s time-bending sketches include- the creator of the term 69-ing tries to follow up its success and a movie review segment for and by millennials called “Cinemillennials”. Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye.

Episode 41 – Hey Futurenuts! Episode 41 here. This one’s sort of our Lost Holiday Episode. We’re joined in studio by international superstar band Control-Alt-Delicious, plugging their new chart-topping single, “Upload on Your Chest,” Also, get to know the real Adele, and enjoy an ESPN broadcast of The Passion of the Christ, with a little Benny Hill sprinkled in there.

Episode 40 – It’s our first 40th episode! We talk about Halloween stuff, and memories and stuff. Lots of good assorted tips & tidbits. We learn about Jake’s Sounds Hot™ app, to make your voice less irritating. And we field calls from our friends Saxophone Jack and Dirigible Dan. Gene Hackman lives!

Episode 39 – Duck or Dragon? Which sounds better? Learn with us. Earn with us. Yearn with us. Pedobear is dead! Jake did it! Saved us all! Wooo! Like us on Facebook & follow Jake and Kevin on Twitter.

Episode 38 – Allison Sciulla joins us to talk about family, vans, mothers, and roadkill. Check out her band Zoccola. We’ve got a shoe commercial, couples therapy, and guess those tweets gameshow sketch. Like us on Facebook & follow Jake and Kevin on Twitter.

Episode 37 – We are joined by our ol’ pal Rena Hundert this week as a guest, and man do we cover a lot of ground. We have a studio audience in attendance as well (Hey, Falcones!). Our uproarious sketches this week: a political ad for Donald Trump, sports commentators watch a Tindr date, and morning news from a Christian radio station. More on the way! Like us on Facebook & follow Jake and Kevin on Twitter.

Episode 36 – Hey, Futurenauts! In this very special musical episode, Jake and Kevin learn a lot- about music and themselves. A good time is had by all. Join us, won’t you. Sketches include: Mr. Holland realizes his life’s goal is really to write porn groove music, Jake gives a flute recital, Kevin and Jake go to a party to talk to girls, and a tour on a Disneyland Jungle Cruise.

Episode 35 – Jake and Kevin. New beginnings. Little echo-y. Hardcore nose-whistle. Sorry but aren’t we all just works in progress? We have changed the format a bit. We are pitching ideas then putting the chosen sketches (Jake’s funeral, Jake’s Special Brew, Comedy Comedians Doing Comedy, A mishap on It’s a Small World Ride) right in after the pitch so don’t be startled, but DO get started on listening.

Episode 34 – Jake, Rena, and Kevin converse with Storyteller extraordinaire, Moth GrandSLAM Winner, Margot Leitman. Pre-order/order her book “Long Story Short” on her website and take her classes if you’re interested in the art of storytelling. You can find out all about that by going to her website.

Episode 33 – Kevin and Jake are in studio this week. Kevin tries to keep the show moving while Jake watches opening day baseball and therefore gets angry. We pitch stuff such as a robot dance competition with Jake and Kevin as announcers. We also have Jacob Bunney read a little James Joyce. This episode is sponsored by The Cat Show.

Episode 32 – T. Sean Shannon joins Kevin and Rena in studio. As a writer for eight years at Saturday Night Live as well as many other places, a whole host of topics are discussed including NASA, baseball and how T. Sean got his writing gig at SNL. Rena tries to explain Jewish dad jokes. See if you understand the Jewish dad joke! I know I didn’t. Check out his movie, Harold, his youtube page, Baseball Card Theater, and his books on his website.

Episode 31 – Sketches! Literal nicknames guy. The Times turns into a clickhole with J-Red. Another one is a Justice League sketch called Bullshit Man ruins the Justice League. Thank you for listening!

Episode 30 – Kevin and Jake are joined by Tamer Kattan. We address a lot of social ills. Spanning from child abuse, to cultural relativism, to authenticity/#truthiness. We pitch some ideas like if Huck Finn was real and realized he was famous. Tamer talks about his up-bringing and doing comedy in Egypt. I love this episode. This is Jake. This might be my favorite episode.

Episode 29 – Rena. Jake. and Kevin are joined by Mattio Martinez and Isadora O’boto. Fetishes, Germany, German fetishes, furries, Bullshit man, and McCarthur Park are discussed. The Oscars were last night and Neil Patrick Harris’ nipples become a topic. Also, left shark is wrongly accused of poor dancing.

Episode 28 – Kevin, Jake, and Bunney are joined by Vinny Fasline of the Socially Awkward show at the Hollywood Improv! We discuss trolling, the bible, comedy, and monster truck rallies. Vinny is definitely the nicest guy I’ve met in the last two weeks. Go see his show on February 18 at the Hollywood Improv at 8.

Episode 27 – Molly Fite joins Kevin, Jake, and Bunney to talk about sketch pitches, fetishes, and cults. See Molly perform at IOwest with her sketch team Raffle the 2nd Sunday of every month. Like, subscribe, and comment on Futurenauts wherever you can find us. For instance on itunes or facebook.

Episode 26 – Bill Chott (Dana Carvey Show) does some sketches with us! Mickey has a dispute with Walt, Milwaukee Dead, Dracula has relationship problems, and good cop, bad cop, sad cop. Yesss. Please subscribe on itunes or stitcher, rate, review, and also just be a good person. Rena. Jake. Kevin.

Episode 25 – Kevin Corcoran, Rena Hundert, and Jake Friday are joined by actor, comedian, writer, and improviser Bill Chott. In this episode we discuss Del Close, Bill’s SNL audition, and MAGIC. We also pitch a few ideas including Milwaukee Dead, Mickey Mouse as Frederick Douglass, and Sir John Gielgud getting an ice cream headache. You can find Bill teaching at the improv trick and also find him performing magic with Dave Cox in The Charlatans. Next episode we have the sketches we did with Bill so prepare for that.

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